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Severe weather is scary, and its aftermath can cause you quite a headache. Whether it’s a tree that fell on your tornado damage repairsproperty, damaged siding, or a torn off roof, our expert team can resolve each and every one of these problems. We offer 24 hour emergency board up service and temporary repairs to your home until more permanent repairs can be made.

Living in Missouri, snow and ice are both common and natural occurrences that have the potential for creatingdamage to a home or business. At Missouri Restoration Pros we have you covered. Regardless of the extent of the disaster from tornadoes, winter storms or heavy winds and rain, Our technicians are the experts to restore your property quickly and with minimal disruptions.

Siding Storm Damage

The severity of storm damage to your siding depends on the size of the hail and the speed of the wind.  Wind driven hail can cause vinyl siding to crack and can chip paint from metal, wood and fiber-cement siding products.  This is not just an eye soar.  It can also leave the siding material exposed to moisture which can lead to premature aging.

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Roof Hail and Storm Damage

Hail can create soft spots in asphalt shingles, voiding most 24-Hour Emergency Response manufacturers’ warranties. Often hail and wind damage can be hard to detect, so it’s important to have your roof assessed for damages before leaks form.

Missouri commercial and home property owners with storm damage need someone with expertise in storm damage cleanup ,with certified technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Missouri Storm Damage Restoration Services

24-Hour Emergency Response
Window Replacement
Board-Up Services
Electrical Repairs
Roof & Siding Repair
Flood Damage Repair


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